Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Addison,

I can't believe that you've already completed your first year. It's hard to think that my precious little baby is growing up so fast. I remember how excited I was the day you were born. It was very special to see you come into this world, to hear your first cry, see your beautiful face, and to feel your little hand clasped around my finger. It was hard to believe that in just a matter of seconds I became a Dad and how my love for you grew so much. I could not believe how absolutely beautiful you were. You had stunning blue eyes with long eye lashes that would make any movie star jealous. I remember holding you for the first time and thinking about how much I loved you and how excited I was to see you start your new life.

Your Mom and I were so exited when we were able to take you home for the first time. You were such a good baby. You would never wake up during the night. In fact, your Mom and I would have to wake you up in order to make sure you were fed. It was hard going to back to work after we took you home from the hospital. While at work I would constantly think about you and during my breaks I would always call and tell Mom to put me on speakerphone so I could talk to you and let you know how much I loved you.

We got so many compliments on what a friendly, happy, and easy going baby you were. Both your Grandmas and Grandpas were jealous on how good you were. They told you that you needed to be harder on us because we were difficult babies compared to you, and that it was not fair that you were just an angel. We got so many compliments on what a smiley baby you were. Your sweet, innocent smile would light up the room. You also loved to laugh, especially when we tickled you. Sometimes you would laugh for no apparent reason.

You were always a very friendly baby and loved to be held by anyone. You have a sweet spirit and a loving heart. Even at your extremely young age I was impressed at how you would watch and interact with other babies or children. You were always drawn to them and would try to befriend them by showing or sharing with them your binky, bottle, or whatever it was that you had.

It's been so much fun seeing you learn an grow every day. I was so excited when for the first time you laughed, rolled over, crawled, stood up, and when you took your first step. You learn so fast and you are so determined. I was especially excited and proud I was when you said "DA DA" for the first time. I constantly reminded and teased your Mom that you said "DA DA" before you said "MA MA." You learn new things almost every day - like folding your arms during family prayer, waiving your hand when we say goodbye, putting mommy's cell phone up to your ear and saying "hi", and kicking your ball around with me when we play soccer. It is so much fun to see you learn and developing your talents.

This year has gone by so quick and I already miss my little baby girl, bit I'm so excited for the years to come. You are my prized possession, my happy thought, the apple of my eye, and my little princess. There is nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for your own good or benefit. My life is your life. You bring so much joy into my life and I love you so very much.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Year Older and Wiser Too...

above: addison blew out her candle all by herself!

...happy birthday to you!

it happened. even though i have been looking forward to this day, i also dreaded my baby growing up. yes, i know she'll still need me for a while yet, but february 19th made the inevitable one year closer. so, because i knew it couldn't be avoided, i let addison turn one. aren't i nice? i sure think i am. there are so many precious things that she does, cute ways that she thinks about things, i am terrified that she will suddenly stop. on the other hand, i love watching her continue to learn about the world around her and figure out how to accomplish the things she wants. she is mi bebe guros (baby laguage for my baby girls) and i absolutely LOVE her.
she had a family birthday party at our new house. it was a great turn out with kyle's parents, my parents and sisters including michelle and jesse, both great grandmas, and great, great grandpa breinholt. we ate amazing food - hawaiian burgers - a great recipe kyle's dad found that includes mango, pineapple, bacon, and a mango sauce with anything else you like. way better than regular burgers.
above: jalee trying to get addison to eat her cake by example. addison was having fun being quite the tease - right when jalee would lean forward to take a bite, addy would pull the fork away and laugh. below: addison opening her presents. favorite toy thus far - balloons, go figure.we totally didn't think to get pictures of anyone but addison until afterward, sniff sniff. but, we are so lucky to have such great family who loves addy there to wish her happy birthday.

she is growing up so fast, and i'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. i am the luckiest mom in the world. i know everyone says that, but only this mom is right!