Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mesa High, State Runners Up

I'm sad the title doesn't read State Champs, but I do want to say that Mesa put up a good fight. After being ranked 11th at the beginning of the year in their division, to become state runners up, that itself is a crowning victory. Those boys fought and bled together showing us that spirit and determination is more valuable than statistics and odds. After defeating Mnt. Pointe, a undefeated at the time, they were challenged again by Hamilton, another undefeated tea
m. The whole week before the game, I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I was stoked to go to the game with my wife( a Mesa High graduate) and daughter( future Mesa High graduate). My parents bought tickets and shirts.
Even a shirt for Addison that was way too big for her, but it was super cute. On the shirts it said "Mesa Believes." We all believed that they could surpass the challenges that they had faced. Mesa showed that they could win, even though they face insurmountable odd, as they showed what they were capable of when they played Mnt. Pointe.

Before the game Brittney and I made a sign that said on one side, "Mckay Alumni: Kyle 2003, Brittney 2007, Addison 2029, Heart Mesa High" on the other
side it said "The McKay's Believe." Then we were off to the game with my two sisters.

Mesa was to face Hamilton at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium was awesome. The crowd that came out to cheer on the Jackrabbits was even better. It was a sea of purple and gold. Our numbers were far superior than that of Hamilton, and our spirit was even greater. Old friends and alumni were reunited in this glorious field of battle. My father-in-law, a 3rd generation graduate and football player came out to the game. He participated in the State Championship back when played football for Mesa in the early 80s

The Mesa High Jackrabbits came marching onto the field. The stands erupted into thunderous cheers of support. The Mesa High team preformed the Haka, a mauri war dance, that has become a tradition started by many of the Tongan and Samoan players. After the kickoff the game began. It was a back and forth battle between Mesa and Hamilton ass each team struggled to advance on the field. I was impressed as Mesa's defense prevented Hamilton from gaining yards. At one point during the second quarter, Hamilton was at the goal line with two yard to go. After being shut down, Hamilton was forced to take the field goal. Though disappointed that they had scored, we still know we had a fighting chance. Toward the end of the second half is when Hamilton scored its first touch down. You could feel the disappointment of the crowd, but we didn't stop believing.

The second half of the game I'm hardly going to mention. Lets just say Mesa could not hold onto the ball and gave it up to Hamilton after several fumbles. Toward the end, Mesa continued to fight valiantly, but to no avail. The buzzer rang, the game was over. Hamilton left the victor.

Though no state champion title was awarded to Mesa High, those boys have something to be very proud of. We had not seen as state champion game since 1992. Mesa was just considered a second rate team. But those boys proved otherwise. Its funny that even though Mesa hasn't seen a state champion game for a while, the spirit and support for our football team is unlike any other school. Though winning is great, Mesa High students and alumni continue to show great support and love for each other even in the times we lose. We stick it though during the thick and thin. We are so proud of those boys, and humbled that we were able to participate in the state champions. Carry On Mesa High! Carry On!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Kyle!


i remember the first time i ever saw you in june of 2007. you were in the ballroom at nau and efy
was in session. i could tell you were a great counselor by the way you interacted with everyone around you. you had some crazy energy that whole week as you bounced down the halls and made sure your group had spirit. i remember thinking, " the poor girl who marries him, he's all over the place!"

michelle loved you as her counselor, and when she asked me to write on your facebook page and say hi for her, i was excited to write you a message. your reply came back, and i was so afraid that our conversation would end there. so i wrote you again, pretending michelle wanted me to. when you replied and asked for my number, i was shocked. excited. thrilled. and nervous. i was going to go on a date with a counselor. an efy COUNSELOR. you seemed so much older than me, with with much more experience in dating. i knew you were fun, and i was terrified to disappoint. i had a wonderful time that night.

i couldn't believe you liked me enough to ask me out again. but you did. over the next four months as we dated and got to know each other, i fell in love with you. i loved how you could make me laugh. you were so clever with the way you talked and i found myself laughing for days as i reflected on a single conversation or a look you gave. i loved that you had the ability to talk to anyone around you, even strangers, and be completely comfortable. you were great with kids of all ages, and it impressed me that you got along with my sisters so well. they still love you. that was very important to me. i saw you dig in with the work at your house and you even looked to be an extra help with things you thought needed to be done. you made chores fun. people who were normally considered "different" in society always had a friend in you. they knew to call you for a ride or a visit and you would be there. i appreciated the trails you had gone through and was amazed at how much stronger they made your spirit and testimony.

once i knew that i wanted to marry you, march 7th couldn't come fast enough. i had the jitters that whole week. in the temple i was so nervous that i nearly threw up, but when i saw you smile at me and take my hand, i knew everything was going to be fine. that day was perfect. i will never forget it.

in the whole year and ten months we've been married, we have accomplished so much. moving, going to school, counting pennies, and having a baby. and consequently, you have been the rock through it all. i have never doubted your ability to provide for our family or achieve anything you want in life. as i continue to get to know you better, sometimes what i learn drives me nuts, but i can never stay upset at you for long. i learned that you never let the small things get to you, which is completely opposite from me. you always encourage me to be more than i am. when it come to school or hobbies, you say if i want to do it, then i can. you help me see how i can accomplish my goals and road map a way for me to get there. you stick up for me and support me. you let me cry. you love me, and so much more.

i can't get enough of you and addison together.
you are so good to her. you are going to be a perfect doting father to all of our children - just like your dad. addison lights up when you get home each day and loves talking to you on the phone. i know a you'll always have a special place in her heart.

thank you for being the husband and father that you are. thank you for your love and patience. thank you for your service. i will forever be greatful i was the lucky girl that got to marry that energetic counselor from efy. i love to be with you and i am so excited to do just that for eternity. i hope you have a wonderful birthday! i love you so much.

with much love,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The McKay's are Alive!

i know we have been down and out for awhile, but i am back to announce what we have been doing for the past month!

1. addison cut her first two teeth back in early october. before she got them, i would talk about how much i loved her gummy smile and how i didn't want teeth to ruin it. i can honestly say that the two little buds on her bottom jaw have only increased her cuteness!

2. i participated in black friday. not the getting up early - heaven knows i love my sleep - but i did go shopping that day. jen and i hit up two tuesday morning stores. i bought a standing plant, (they go everywhere.) i also bought kyles christmas gift. i spotted it at the second location we went to and showed jen. she loved it too. because of a manufacturers flaw, i got it for 15% off - i do love me a good bargain!

3. i am so thankful my dad is still here on this earth. one year ago december 3rd, he had a heart attack. i was pregnant with addison and all i could think about was if my sweet baby would be able to meet my father. it was one of the scariest days of my life. looking back on this year that we have been blessed with, i can't even begin to fathom it could have been without him. i am thankful for my many blessings - i love you daddy!

4. i gave addison her first trim the other night while she was bathing. it was hard getting her to hold still long enough for me to cut her hair the same length, but i think it turned out pretty well.

5. for those the few of you that didn't know, the mckays are moving to south chandler. my grandmother has a huge basement that she is nice enough to share with us. we will have our own entrance to a 2,200 sq ft, three bedroom, two bathroom, and 1 storage roomed basement with a HUGE backyard for addison! part of our agreement for living there is that we help fix up the place. the home was built only about eight years old, so the "fixing" part is more like painting and accessorizing it for my g-ma who doesn't enjoy doing that herself. uh, heck yes we'll do it! so i met my aunt jenel at home depot. an hour and a half later, we left with half of the stores paint swatches and instructions to pick my favorites and buy some samples. i have four samples which i will be trying out. we move in january so i will have it painted by then!

6. i finished my last two photoshoots that i was so concerned about getting done in time for the holidays. they both turned out beautiful. great news: my work is not only starting to pick up, but i have had to turn business down because i have had so much business. if that sounds mean to you, all well. i was able to see several photoshoots used as christmas cards and wedding announcements. i can't explain how exciting that is!

7. earlier this week addison started standing all by herself. everyday the length of time she can do it for increases as she proudly shows off her new trick. she knows that we say "yeah!" and clap for her and she loves the attention. she'll show off her bright smile before she stands now, waiting for us to praise her.

8. school is ending! kyle and i are wrapping it up for this semester and putting a boot in it. kyle has two finals to study for and i am putting together a picture slideshow for my final. the end is in sight, the end is in sight!

9. we have all been sick. i think addison had it the worst. fevers, coughing, throw up, aching, and the runs have all been enjoyed thoroughly - all of them by addison and only a few by kyle and i. addison and i still are coughing and poor kyle is just getting started with the list.

10. since we don't want one huge move, kyle and i have been making trips to grandma's house to drop off furniture and things we are not using. i have bought totes, labeled them, and filled them several times. yeah for organizing! so on the weekends, you can drive by and see us loading up my mom's truck to send to the new house.

11.thursday is kyle's 25th birthday. i told him that means 25 spankings. remember when you were little and you got those? don't forget a pinch to grow an inch! kyle doesn't need any inches added to his 6' 3" frame. i can tell he got plenty of those growing up. anyway, we will get a christmas tree (real) that night and decorate it. can't wait to be with him. i love my man.

12. saturday is the mesa high game. they are playing hamilton high for the state title. just so you guys understand, the last time mesa went to state is when my dad was in high school - 1981. they got close one time since then, but sadly lost at regionals in 1992. the mckay family are stanch supporters of mesa high - since both kyle and i went, i being a fourth generation mesa high alumni - and will undoubtedly be at the game screaming for mesa. please pray for mesa high school! I BELIEVE!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Celebrating Gratitude

thanksgiving this year at the brown's consisted of football, hammock swinging, catching up on eachother's lives and of course aunt jackie bragging that her food is THE BEST. it seems as the brown bunch gets older, the family gets smaller at each gathering. there still were a ton of people and it's always fun to see everyone and their new babies (there are always new babies). jacob, alli, isaac, and jayce - did i spell that right? this

picture looks like a holiday greeting card. they're adorable!

the food, not including all the pie, which there was WAY too much of.

funny note: courtney of course brought her own mashed potatoes because according to her no one else knows how to make them and they are always too mushy. those are her potatoes on the right.

breckyn, stacia, kinsey, hailey, austin, maddison, addison, and me.

after we ate at the brown's, we went to kyle's parent's house to celebrate with his family. we brought harley with us to play with sadie and cinder. i guess all the cousisns think alike because four other dogs also came to the party making a total of seven dogs roaming the mckay home. dogs get special treatment with the mckay family. addison was in heaven and loved all the dogs except harley, who because she's still a puppy, was very hyper.

someone i have yet to find out brought rolls that were DIVINE. i think i stuffed four down my throat, pretty amazing considering i already ate with my side.

we didn't go to the mccleve's but we heard chantell brought a date named chad (page) who ended up being pretty helpful in kickball. awesome.

hope you had a great thankgiving too!

ps. happy birthday to jalee today, she is sweet 16!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Guilty

Brittney and I for a fun group date did a murder mystery dinner on Noverber 13 since it landed on a Friday. We had a fun time decorating my parents kitchen in a old western theme. For dinner we had grilled chicken, baked potatoes, salad, baked beans, IBC rootbeer. There were little tin buckets filled with peanut, and dried apple slices and we drank out of quart sized mason jars. It was a good time as we debated, accused, and framed each other for the mysterious murder of a Judge. Turned out that Brittney was the murdurous villan.

I was Sherrif Wyatt Hertz the most famous lawman in the west. He never lost a gunfight, and some believed that he could take out a whole gunslingin' gang with a single round from his six shooter.

Brittney was Elvira-Lynn Fekshin, the consummate that makes no bones about it, so to speak. She's known throughout the territory as the "purrty" saloon girl, there's even a famous saloon song about here- My Heart Burns for you, and Other Places.

Jesse was Ellias Truist Heath is the up and comming heart throb gunfighter. He can dazzel spectators with his quick draw and a spin from his guns.

Michelle was Butch Chastity , known as the first lady of outlaws. and head of a all woman gang of the west. She holds the record for the fastest stage coach robbing. Kirt was Cheif Braking Wind, a distinguished leader to the Cowpai tribe.

Laura was Helena Handcart, Mother of all thirteen handcart boys. She manages the family cattle business, and makes it know to everyone she meets that she owns half of the territory.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Furture Missionaries: Elder Brown and Elder Brown

sunday was our ward primary program and isaac and jacob did a great job and they looked STELLAR too! many of you know carson and jen brown. carson is my mom's brother - aka my uncle. kyle and i live in their guest house and run into these colorful two all the time! carson wanted me to snap a few pictures before their hair was ruined and because they looked like missionaries (sound like jen? funny he would say something like that). i was happy to oblige. they loved having their picture taken and they had a lot of fun dropping me funky signs while i was snapping away.

so this is for jen, since she didn't get to see how precious her boys looked that day!

isaac crossed his foot on his own. he looked so mature, just leaning on the wall like a model for gymboree.
jacob is such a stud!

my favorite one is the last one below. jacob was the leader, creating moves and gestures faster than isaac could copy them. the expression on jacob's face along with his parted hair reminds me of michael from the office. so cute and funny - thanks guys!

for more pictures check out my blog! brittneymckayphotography.blogspot.com

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sleepy Times

in her nine months of life so far, addison has fallen asleep in some of the funniest positions and places that i ever though possible. she drove me nuts today, whining and hanging on to me wherever i go. there are two teeth budding on her bottom jaw, so i blame them. the house is quiet because she is FINALLY asleep for the night. every time i look at her when she is asleep, i ask myself: how can she be so naughty all day and look like that when she sleeps? so angelic and calm. thinking about this, i got on my laptop and went through our pictures to find more of these cute moments. i wanted to share some of her naptime happenings in no particular order.

the one above shows how sometimes she likes to completely stretch out. she was just over a month old and she looks so different to me. below is a bit more recent. she loves to put her face in her boppy or if there is a blanket, she will burrow underneath like a mole.

above: i love this one. she does this so often: falling asleep while holding on to the sides of her car seat. i is the funniest thing to see.

below: look at her precious fat rolls - or one big roll - on her arms. i could gobble them up with her cheeks!
below: kyle is proud that he can get her to sleep in his arms and i can't. looks like everyone can but me, here she is with my mom.
i took this one at the grocery store when i just happened to notice that she was asleep. one older gentleman saw her and exclaimed, "she looks so content, i wish i was her!" many people comment on addison's wide mouth which is always open when she is asleep.
falling asleep on my dad -grandpa is always the comfiest! definitely two peas in a pod.
falling asleep in the shower on daddy after her first swim in may. just like her daddy and mine. this is what life is suppose to be about - naps in the shower right?! what comfort and luxury!
another day after another shower. i guess it really relaxes everyone!
i know she isn't asleep here, but it wasn't long after this cute yawn that she was asleep!
nightie night!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A McKay Style Hallows Eve

halloween was a blast as you can tell. we paraded addison down the same street kyle grew up trick or treating on. we loved showing her off in her cute elmo costume. she was very wide-eyed at meeting all the new people and had no idea what the pumpkin she was carrying was for, but i think she had fun too.
she didn't know what the candy was but she loved all the colorful wrapping. her favorite new candies are suckers. she loves to suck on them and then dip them in the dirt or rub them on the wall and place them back in her mouth. i caught her with one of my keys the other day thinking it was a sucker, and crawling around with it in her mouth.
this sucker was her favorite. she found it and started sucking on it with the wrapper still on. when i took it to unwrap it for her she almost had a meltdown. you wouldn't know it by looking at her, but she has become a pro at those meltdowns by the way. i set her on the floor the other day. she started to cry and threw herself down on her stomach, with her head in her hands. during another one of these episodes she was crying on her arm. she stopped crying for a second and i saw one eye peek out to look at me, then she quickly put it back and continued to cry! she was wanting to know if i was paying attention to her tantrum, how smart. i had to try not to laugh because it was so cute. i LOVE being a mom.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Addison enjoying a tasty piece of the pumpkin

Here I'm am creating my masterpiece. Oh the focus and the skill as I make razor sharp cuts within micrometers of the line. I should've been a surgeon.
The pumpkins shriveled up a little bit so they don't look as good, but here are the final products. Brittney's is a witch, and mine is a skull.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thoughts for Today

today i am sick. i think i have strep throat - not fun. every time i answer the phone the person on the other line thinks i just woke up because i sound so awful. i have gargled and am drinking my second glass of water of the day. i know i should drink more but it hurts so much to swallow. i have no appetite for food at all - which is not like me. is it common for your ears to hurt with strep? mine do, especially when i blow my nose. i have a photoshoot tomorrow morning so i hope i feel better soon. my day has been filled by sitting on the couch, changing diapers, and watching my wedding video. right now i am listening to classic christmas songs by mahalia jackson, the andrew sisters, bing crosby and more. christmas music makes me happy.addison started giving kisses this week. she isn't consistent with it yet, but it is so cute to see her lean forward and open her mouth! it is a sweet, slobbery kiss and kyle and i can't get enough of them! it has been really hard for me to not kiss her chubby little fingers and cheeks today so i don't get her sick. just today while i was sitting on the floor addison crawled to me and pulled herself up. then for some reason she chose to let go of me. there she was standing all by herself. i quickly grabbed her and sat her down, but she did it again two more times. i couldn't believe it! is it common for babies to do this just before eight months?

today i am feeling so greatful for kyle. kyle works so hard for our family, making sure we have everything we need and keeping me in line. i know he loves me very much and he certainly spoils me in many different ways. (since he doesn't have work until the late morning, he will get up with addison and make me breakfast while i sleep.) i love talking to him and cuddling on the couch. this morning i couldn't sleep and i found kyle on the couch, online. i told him how growing up when i didn't feel well, my dad would sit on the couch and hold me for a while. sometimes he would talk to me, sometimes we would watch tv together. i asked kyle if he would hold me while he was typing. kyle kind of laughed as if to say, "you're 21 and you still need to be held when your sick?!" but he was so sweet and held me for a while. that's the kind of memory i never want to forget. i love you so much kyle!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jackrabbit PRIDE!!

Last Friday the fam went the the Mesa High Homecoming game to show our support the Jackrabbits and show our pride. We all dressed up in our royal purple and gold to cheer the football team as they crushed the Desert Vista Thunder 19-0. It was fun to go back to our roots with me graduating in '03 and Brittney graduating in '07. That's pretty crazy to think that my wife was a "squash" more while I was a hot and popular college guy preparing for my mission. It was fun to see the homecoming nominees and the floats from the different classes. The funny thing is that the juniors won the float contest (usually the seniors win by default) but this year the seniors must have been really lazy putting together their float because it looked like a junkyard sale on a old trailer. Addison loved the game and was a great cheering Bunnie. Everybody loved her bunny ears! Though I think she'll be a better powder puff player than a cheer leader, but we'll see.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Double the Fun

last tuesday for a birthday celebration, kyle, addison and i went to DISNEYLAND with kyle's parents. wednesday was my 21st birthday and it also happened to be kyle's dad's birthday too! mickey and i have been tight since we met when i was five, so he pulled some strings to get us in for free. don't you wish you had such a friend?! the five of us left tuesday night after kyle got off work and arrived in anaheim at 2:30 am. addison was great - she slept the whole way!

the weather was amazing - in the low 70's during the day and the 50's at night. great change from the summer heat. we had such a fun time together. i hadn't been to disneyland in fifteen years and many of the rides had changed or were completely new. kyle got really tired of me saying "COOL!" to everything. california adventure was awesome too. i love toon town!
i love roller coasters, even though i am scared of heights. but the one thing i refuse to ride at theme parks is free falls. tower of terror is a ride with a story that takes you to the twilight zone. the 11 story-high elevator is equipped with hydraulics to make you fall faster than the pull of gravity. just as kyle's dad got our fast passes, i started to feel sick and decided not to go. while kyle's parents got in line, kyle began to try to persuade me to go with him next. he wasn't nearly as pushy as he usually is with something he wants me to do, which told me how badly he wanted me to go with him. when he finally gave up, he sent me to find some food. i came back and he was gone with his dad on the ride. i felt bad (why do i always feel bad when he is trying to make me do something i don't want to do?) so when he was done i told him i would go with him. i got so nervous that i made myself sick, but i went. yes, i had fun. my face was so funny we had to get a picture. notice how everyone loved the fall except me. we are in the middle:here is a close up of our faces. i thought i was going to die with every drop. this was the highest one that lets you look over the whole theme park!
addison loved the rides she went on. this was the winnie the pooh ride on grandpa's lap. her favorite was the merry-go-round where she even went with no hand on her second turn!my favorite ride that i can remember from 15 years ago. it is the one i chose to go on first.
i got a birthday tag to wear around disneyland - it's amazing how many birthday people were there.

if you go soon, make sure to get clam chowder in a delish sourdough bowl. you won't regret it! oh and tell mickey hi for me!