Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

yesterday i got addison ready with the "grandma brown" hairdo and let her play with my makeup brush which she loves. i put her halloween costume on and we all left to kyle's parents' ward trunk or treat party. at the first trunk we went to, addison didn't know what to do or why we were there. when the owner of the vehicle put some candy into her pumpkin, addison looked at it and excitedly pulled it right back out - asking kyle and i to open it for her. then she went back over to the trunk and put her hand in the bowl of candy and started filling up her pumpkin bowl with the goods. she was upset when we took her and walked away from that first trunk until she caught on that we were going from one trunk to the next. LOVE this face addison is making for the picture below. eating candy while walking to the next vehicle. ah, she is adorable.addy loved going around to each trunk and picking out her candy. it still took a while for her to understand that she only gets to take one piece of candy from each person and she never remembered to say " trick or treat" but she always said "da-doo" (thank you). sometimes she thought she could fish for candy in other kids' goody bags, but she was pretty good and kyle and i had so much fun showing off our angel.above: grandpa is bishop mckay and had a great costume for his ward party! below: i wanted to do a picture like last halloween with addison surrounded by her candy. this year she was more interested in the wrappers than looking into the camera.the pic below shows addison on the potty (still takes some motivation to get her to sit until she goes) after we got back to grandma and grandpa's house from the party. i took off her costume and shoes. in this picture she is checking out the bottom of her feet which had a ton of grass stick to them. if you click on the picture, you can see little bits of grass stuck between her toes. it's so funny how her tongue sticks out in concentration!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Always Addison

i just had to post a couple of pictures of addison taken recently.i found addison cuddled into her blanket like this the other night. the way it wraps over her head reminds me of someone who just got out of the shower. lately she has been picky with her blanket when she goes to sleep. it needs to be perfectly over each shoulder and arm. then she'll wiggle her back into it. she is so funny!the picture above and below are from the park. her faces are perfect. i LOVE her candy cane pants and cute "i love daddy" shirt. we just got both of them for her. kyle loved the shirt and had to get it which i thought was so cute! the stockings/pants remind me of an elf. what a cute girl!

we started potty training addison on wednesday. she's only 20 months old, but has been taking off her diaper when she pees for two months now. two weeks ago, for the first time, she took off her diaper and THEN peed. i figured since she knew what she was about to do, she knew how to controll it and we needed to start her on the potty. notice how she is not on a potty chair. i hate those nasty things. cleaning them out once they are used is not a job i am willing to take! thank goodness i learned that while babysitting for other families with young children and not with my own. yuck!

addison is only two days in but is doing great. she's had two poopy accidents and one pee accident which i think is pretty good considering the fact that she is still trying to make the connection of realizing she needs to go and then telling me. i can't wait for her to be accident free! it will be so nice to only have one baby in diapers.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coming Soon: Grandpa Mel

grandma brown has been dating melvin stradling in her ward for just over three weeks now. she was very good friends with his late wife for five years and met mel two years ago when she moved into their ward. earlier this year, she tragically died of cancer. it was sometime in late august or early september when grandma and mel began to like each other and sit together at church. well he finally asked her out and she has been like a love -drunk school girl ever since.

they have held hands, danced in her kitchen, and kissed. they secretly saved eachother seats when they met at ward functions and then pretended that the seat they saved just happened to be empty. mel told grandma that before they started dating and they were sitting next to eachother at church, his arm rubbed against hers and it felt like electricity. i guess that's when he knew he liked her.

grandma has been an open book about their relationship, even though she claims she doesn't want to tell us anything. she came to vivst me when i was in the ER. i started asking her questions and she would wave the question away. but when i asked her if they had talke about marriage she said "i don't know," but she was grinning from ear to ear. when my mom and i teased her and pressed further, we found out that he had purposed the night before. immediatley we were sworn to secrecy until that sunday when they were announcing it.

my mom told me that grandma couldn't even remember how to get out of the ER because she was in such a dazed thinking about mel. she didn't even remember that she took an elevator up to the third floor. she is on cloud nine, completely twitterpated, and acting like she is twenty again! it's so funny to see her and her her talk - mel can do no wrong.
today mel's family met grandma's at her house and it was so fun. turns out my dad went to high school with a son in law, jalee and heidi go to mesa with several granddaughters, and a son and daughter in law are in connie and darwin's (my aunt and uncle) ward. kyle's dad even knows mel rom working together at hospitals. small world.

grandma and mel have set the date for december 4th with an open house at grandma's home where they will both live. i took their engagement pictures yesterday and will also take pictures at the open house. hopefully with baby will come right after not before (due december 15).

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Perfect Day: 22 Years Old

(this pic was actually taken on the 5th, but pretty much shows how big i was on my birthday)

i had a great 22nd birthday yesterday. i woke up smelling stuffed french toast and bacon. addison came to me while i was lying in bed and said "day" to me, wishing me happy birthday. so cute! the breakfast was heaven and then kyle cleaned everything up. wonderful.

i spent the day hanging out with my hot hubby and gorgeous girl. kyle got mesomething i had wanted so much for my birthday - a fixed sewing machine! i love him. i have found so many things i want to make and now i finally can. he totally spoils me!

because i was craving sushi, he took me to the restaurant ra (pronounced "raw"). it was his first time having sushi and i am so glad he liked it. i didn't actually eat anything raw, just veggies and cooked crab and eel, but kyle tried the spicy yellowtail roll and loved it. i'll have to try it as soon as i have this baby!

afterward we went over to kyle's parents where kyle's mom had thrown a surprised birthday party for his dad's 60th birthday! how awesome to share the same birthday. shawn and neesha even surprised him and came down for his birthday!

this afternoon, grandpa mckay is taking the grandchildren and anyone who wants to go on a hike to sycamore creek. i am going to take the opportunity to go fabric shopping for addy's christmas present and i am so excited!

Monday, October 4, 2010