Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brown Family FHE: Chuck's Pool

One FHE every summer is at Chuck and JuDene's house. We look forward to fun in the pool, yummy food, and chatting up with family.
Charlene loved the pool. The temperature took a bit to get used to, pools are not nearly as warm a baths! She looks so cute in Addison's old swimming suit. Look at all that chunk!
Loving her some Heidi.
Addison is getting so big. Look at that long hair!
Of course I didn't think to get pictures of anyone else besides my girls. WHY???! I love looking at pics of family in years past, hopefully I'll do better in the future. Cute Kenna below.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Addison and Caleb

While we finished painting grandma's house, caleb and addison played in the mud made from the previous irrigation. as you can tell, they had so much fun.

 i don't usually let addison get this dirty, and she took full advantage of my leniency this day. below: my dad took a break from painting and tried to get several pictures of addison.
 drinking from the water that leaks out of the spout. sooo cute!
 love this girl, she's beautiful.
 perfect picture to end with: kerstyn worked with charlene and they both fell asleep.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Hair-do and Yummy Treats

the girls are starting to interact with eachother more and more. so cute!
 i french braided addison's hair for the first time, and i fell in love. it was tough for her to hold still, but i threatened and bribed her. i think it looks adorable. lots more of this look to come...
 ...and of course charly. always adorable, even with nothin' done to her hair.

 some yummy things we made lately:
homemade salsa

 kyle canned some of it and took it took his home teaching families. it was soooo good.
lately, i've been saving pictures of ideas (foods to crafts) from the internet onto my computer. yeah, i pretty much thought of the idea that it might be cool to collect and save ideas into groups. too bad someone else also had the same idea and came up with pinterest. i could be a CEO earning lots of  $$$. all well. these (found online) were still good.