Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i posted this in my new photography blog. i will be adding more pictures soon, so look at it frequently! check it and sign up for free pics.

{i will be posting more pictures soon! my computer is finally working again and the holidays are far over. also, i just had a baby in february and took a long break. but now i am back to business. just a little 411 about me.

  • i live in chandler, az with my very supportive husband and beautiful baby girl.
  • i'm twenty and just discovered my new love - creating memories and capturing moments though pictures
  • i am taking photography and photoshop classes and i love it
  • i love meeting new people

i love taking pictures and am i need of models to build my portfolio. i am talking about FREE photo sessions for families, engaged couples, missionaries, seniors, babies, and children. tell everyone you know! because i am fairly new to the photography world, the first models to book a time will recieve 15% off a later session after i have a portfolio.
my offer stands through until september. my number is (480) 290-3523 and email is

Blog: - or just click on my link. remember, i do have more to look at and will post them soon!
thanks, i hope to hear from you soon!}


today i have been surfing blogs and reading all about hair. that's right hair. i was on someones blog and that led to another, which led to another, and finally, another. so i saved the hair blog in my list of favs and then came across yet another blog about hair and hair bows. i saved it. i am dying to try their suggestions out, but alas, addison's hair is not even 1/4' long. sad day. sounds like my sisters will be having a slumber party at my house this weekend.
i have never been someone who likes to do hair, other than my own. (although since i first became pregnant, you probably thought i didn't even like that did you? i admit that's why i looked like a rag doll and finally cut my hair. NOTE: never cut your hair when pregnant if you want it to grow back before too long. even though long, lush hair is one of the many benefits of prenatals, the baby like to hog all the nutrients it provides. thus making sure your hair does not grow. END NOTE)
like i was saying, i have only really liked to do my own hair. beauty is time and sometimes pain, and i was always willing. i have begun to realize that I HAD A BABY GIRL therefore her hair - or lack of it - must be done everyday if she is to not look like an orphan. but what to do to her hair, or even mine? problem: i ran out of ideas and even forgot how to do the things i used to do to my hair. yikes! solution: thanks to the new blogging pastime, i found this woman who shares her ideas and even her "how to's".
but having a baby seems to suck your time away. so sorry if i have had offending hair i will do better. it takes about a month for new habits to develop, so hopefully i will be back to my pre-pregnancy self this summer. we will see....

ps. i would like to assure all those who have cut their hair will pregnant: have that baby and it grows right out! miracle!

pps. i will keep ya'll posted about how the hair party works out

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pat's Run

pat tillman was born in 1976 and died a hero in 2004. tillman had been a football player for the arizona cardinals since 1998. he was offered a contract of $3.6 million dollars to continue with them, but turned it down to serve our country. enlisting in the united states army eight months after the terrorist attacks of september 11th, he served for two years when he was killed by friendly fire. although there is much controversy around his death, one thing is for sure, he was an amazing example of selflessness and sacrifice.

memorials, statues, walks/runs, scholarships, and donations have been set up in memory of pat tillman. his numbers for the sun devils (42) and for the cardinals (40) were retired. friends have grown their hair to look like him. "the walk for pat" began in september of 2008 by army comrade rory fanning. fanning's goal is to raise the money tillman turned down ($3.6 million) for the pat tillman foundation. ( for more info go to wikipedia)

last saturday kyle and i participated in the fifth annual pat tillman walk/run in tempe. in honor of tillman, the walk/run is 4.2 miles long around tempe town lake and finishes on the 42nd yard line on the cardinal stadium. there was also a .42 mile kid's walk. it was inspiring to see the 20,000 people who came to honor pat tillman's name and what he stood for. it was amazing to walk across the finish line and imagine tillman there with me.

picture 1. pat tillman 2. kyle and i just before the race 3. addison ran too 4. army personel that joined 5. we finished our walk in 1:09:25 ( not that we were racing, but i think it's pretty good)

join us next year, I CAN'T WAIT!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Blessing

today was perfect. easter is a time to remember the sacrifice our savior went through for us. to reflect on his life and perfect example. to remember how he lived and died and was resurrected. because of him, we can live forever in happiness and joy with our families.
addison was blessed today by her daddy. she did so well and slept through the whole blessing. those that helped were daddy, bishop day, grandpa mccleve, grandpa mckay, uncle carson, uncle kirt, cousin daniel, and cousin bobby. we had many family members come to support her and show their love.
afterward, family came over for the traditional baby-blessing celebration. we ate navejo tacos and cake and ice cream. addison was passed around pictures were snapped.

kyle is seen here cutting the cake that everyone ended up being too full too eat. anyone want cake? it won't get eaten by us.

i had alot of fun taking pictures of everyone. which reminds me, i need to build up a porfolio. call me and i'll take some for you.

michelle and jesse have almost a month before they get married on may 15th. aren't they so cute?!

both grandpas worked out a system together to quickly make the fry bread. they chatted as they worked and swapped recipes.
we had to take the opportunity to snap some generation photos. the first one is my great grandpa, then my grandma, next my mom, me, and addison. not everyone can say that they have five generations still living, it makes me pretty proud.
kyle's parents, kyle, and sweet addison.