Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Some Pictures

Getting ready to go with mom to a photo shoot. Addison loves balloons. We got her a big one for her birthday a few months ago and for the first little bit she was terrified, then all of a sudden it was her favorite toy. Amazingly, it lasted for two months with her dragging it around, punching it, and jumping on top of it.
Aunt Jennifer did Addisons hair and put on a nerdy collared shirt to look like Alfalfa in "Little Rascals". She looks like a cute little boy!

Addison enjoying a bubble bath. She loves to lay on her tummy and slurp the bubbles. Aren't her little teeth so cute?


This was a great weekend! Not only was it Easter, but Gerneral Conference as well. It was such a privilege to see our chruch leaders counsel, edify, and uplift us with their discourses. It was addisons second easter, and this time she was old enough to go easter egg hunting. It was so much fun to see her looking for eggs. I don't know if baby was more excited or Grandpa McKay. It amazing how fast she is growing up.