Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh the Joys - Mommyhood

poor charlene has thrush (and guess who she shared it with). so until it clears, i am pumping. nursing has been a roller coaster with this one. she started to wean herself at two months - who does that? she only nurses during the let down and then doesn't want to work after it stops. is anyone elses' baby like this? so for the past month and a half i have been nursing as often as possible, then pumping immediately afterward for 15 minutes. which by the way is so hard to do with a toddler and baby needing your attention. plus, now i am washing bottles and pump equipment. before the thrush, we were trying something called a sns. what a hassle, but it has stretched nursing out this long. i wish my babies were good nursers. so frustrating!
purple mouth girl:
then there is this stinker. isn't she beautiful?! at dinner with kyle's family she got a balloon nemo (her FAVORITE movie). she loved it.addison got into my makeup before church. "how i look mommy?" ahhhh perfect addy. i love her face!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charlene - Four and a Half Months

does her hair look red to you too?! i love it.
kyle helped me with charlene's blessing outfit pictures. the naughty charly wasn't really in the mood and cried or looked away most of the time, but i managed to get some great ones that i love. she sure is cute!love that her dark brown hair has a beautiful tint of red. i would love to have a dark red-head.not always happy, like i said, but she sure is cute.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dinner at the Park

carson and jen recently moved and are now in our stake. we have visited them a couple of times since they moved, and the other day decided to have dinner at the park in their neighborhood. addison loved getting out of the house (when you only have one car, and it's hot outside during the day, you don't really leave the house.)
for dinner we decided to make hawaiian burgers. if you know me, you know i can't eat classic hamburgers - kyle says i'm unamerican with all the foods i don't like. so to get around this, we make hamburgers with a twist. tonight's twist includes: carmelized onion, bacon, mango, pineapple, and a mango-pineapple sauce. it's totally awesome!
our setup:
cute huh? well, so is this girl, who slept for quite a while...... and this awesome griller. super cute. and yummy.looks awesome right? they were loved by all.
cuddled with my girl while kyle and addison played on the playground. fun family time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Los Reyes de la Tortas

a friend suggested los reyes de la tortas on her blog last month and since then i have been dying to go. it was featured in the show man vs. food and it's here in phoenix! kyle has been saying lately that we should go out to lunch, so we met up with michelle and jesse and my dad at the restaurant today. i ordered the sandwich featured on the show - del rey - and oh my gosh it was heaven. four different kinds of meat, an egg, tomato, their special sauce, and topped with cheese. it was huge, and as you can see, i couldn't even finish half! kyle and i also split a banana-mango drink. next time, kyle will order his own. yeah it was that good.

if you have any sense, you will drive yourself tonight to see how good it really is. i promise you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two is Better Than One

charlene napping. this kid cracks me up. i have no idea why she loves to grab the side rails of her rocker, but it cracks me up. she fell asleep like this. i think i text this pic to everyone i know. her and this pose of hers made my day.
i took all these pics with my kin phone. it has an 8 mega-pixel camera, and i'm pretty sure it's the only camera phone with that many pixels - the new iphone coming out this fall is suppose to also have an 8 mega-pixel camera. not that i can get it (would love to), but i was informed of this by my dad.

addison is adorable in her $1 sunglasses from target huh? she loves them and thinks she is so cool. she totally is.

rockin' the alfalfa hair-do. poor girls, they both have the mccleve elf ears! charlene is more like dopey though with that bald head! they love bath time. charly already knows what it is and gets so excited when she hears the bath water running. her wrists and ankles go crazy with excitement.
addy almost poked out her eye the other day. you can't tell from the picture, but the hole is triangle shaped and her skin is puffy. she was so tough and i know it hurt!
the girls love my once-in-a-while mid-morning runs. with this free double stroller we picked up before charly was born. so nice to have.

charlene is really starting to take an interest in addison, and addy loves her little sister. i love having two girls. i hope when michelle has her first, that she has a girl. girl cousin parties would be so much fun.
and yes, that is a huge bump and bruise on addison's forehead. she seems to always be getting hurt, and i have to tell her constantly to slow down. poor girl!