Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Arizonian Haboob

   We came home from Kyle's parent's the other day and parked in our driveway. I grabbed Charlene and started downstairs to our door, and Kyle Sent Addison after me. Just after I got inside, I heard him yell to me, "Brittney, come here quick. Bring the video camera!"
  I grabbed the camera and the girls and went back outside. A huge wall of dust like I had never seen was moving toward us from the south. As we watched, it expanded to the east and west and grew taller as it moved north toward us. it was crazy. Kyle began recording how fast it was moving and singing, "It's the end of the world as we know it!"

   It was one of the coolest things i had ever seen. I quickly called my mom who hadn't heard of it yet, but could see it out of a second story window. By the time I got off the phone with her about 45 seconds later, part of the dust cloud had reached Costco, about a half mile south of her house. I then called Michelle and Jesse who hadn't heard of it either. Later she told me that they were eating at Some Burros and had been caught in the dust storm as they tried to leave to their car.
moving more quickly to the east of us than it was directly to the south.

coming upon us.
later we learned that this dust storm is called a haboob. it was the biggest dust storm I had ever seen, and it was so cool! We watched the news later that interviewed people driving on the freeway that were scared for their lives. Whatever, wimps.

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